Andreas Kretschmer aka Andy’s Echo (and formerly known as Mahatma Andi) played in several Indie bands as guitarist, singer and songwriter, while at the same time becoming interested in electronic music and rave culture.
He has dedicated himself to exploring the musical area in-between his more acoustic, band-based work and the kind of four-to-the-floor electronic dance music he likes to go nuts to in his favourite techno clubs.
His live setup consists of him mixing his original productions while performing live guitar and vocals and experimenting with sound processors and oscillating tape delays. This amounts to danceable and dreamy tunes with a psychedelic feel.
In special occasions, he is joined by his band and collaborates with visual artists to create a live experience which transcends conventional concerts. The visual and auditory stimuli melt together to an integrated sound and light adventure.
Eye and ear-candy for people who like to get stoned and dance.
Sounds familiar:
Weval, WhoMadeWho, Jan Blomqvist, Kiasmos, HVOB, Acid Pauli, Maribou State, Romare, Monolink, Moderat


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22.11.19 – Hamburg, Fundbureau (live) [Katz & Kauz]
08.11.19 – Sissach (CH), Tante Pinte (live) [Katz & Kauz]
18.08.19 – Hamburg, Dockville (live)
03.08.19 – Aschaffenburg, Kommz (live)
17.07.19 – Hamburg, Kukuun [Katz & Kauz]
10.07.19 – Hamburg, Kukuun [Katz & Kauz]
29.05.19 – Hamburg, Kukuun (live) [Katz & Kauz]
25.05.19 – Hamburg, Hebebühne
28.04.19 – Hamburg, Turtur (live)
26.04.19 – Hamburg, Baalsaal [Katz & Kauz]
06.04.19 – Hamburg, Waagenbau (live) [Katz & Kauz]
30.03.19 – Hamburg, Turtur Soliparty (live)
23.02.19 – Hamburg, Fundbureau (live) [Horst Blau]
15.02.19 – Hamburg, Fundbureau (live) [Katz & Kauz]
07.02.19 – Hamburg, Turtur (b2b w/ Løve)
05.01.19 – Hamburg, Baalsaal [Katz & Kauz]