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[3000GRAD, Stil vor Talent, KATERMUKKE]

Andy’s Echo produces and performs electronic music with live guitar, vocals and synths.
The Hamburg-based multi-instrumentalist, singer and live act cultivates a unique sound that combines high energy electronic beats, meshing guitar licks, songwriting, dreamy vocals and trippy sound design. This amounts to genre-bending and exceptionally danceable music, ranging from technoid to melancholic with a psychedelic feel.

Within the first three years of his live activity, Andy’s Echo already played shows at Fusion Festival, AfrikaBurn, Übel & Gefährlich, Kalypso (Croatia) Ritter Butzke, Mensch Meier, Dockville Festival, 3000º Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, in Switzerland, in South Africa, all over Germany, and at the Virtual Burning Man.

Andy’s Echo releases his music on 3000º, Stil vor Talent, Katermukke and was played on BBC Radio 1 by Pete Tong.

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Live 2023 (more to be announced):
02.12.23 – Innsbruck, Arche Ahoi (AUT) (live)
28.10.23 – Aachen, Hotel Europa (live)
15.09.23 – Zürich, Hive (CH) (live)
25.08.23 – Eulenflug Festival (live)
12.08.23 – 3000º Festival (live)
30.06.23 – Fusion (live)
15.06.23 – Meeresrausch Festival (live)
10.06.23 – Zevener Kultursommer (live)
09.06.23 – Wurzelfestival (live)
28.05.23 – Dresden, Ich & Du Open Air (live)
20.05.23 – Hamburg, Südpol (live)
05.05.23 – Cape Town, Club Paradise (live)
04.05.23 – Cape Town, Iron Man Villa (live)
29.04.23 – South Africa, AfrikaBurn (live)
28.04.23 – South Africa, AfrikaBurn (live)
27.04.23 – South Africa, AfrikaBurn (live)
26.04.23 – South Africa, AfrikaBurn (live)
25.04.23 – South Africa, AfrikaBurn (live)
21.04.23 – Cape Town, Love Thy Neighbour (DJ Set)
20.04.23 – Cape Town, ZsaZsa (live)
15.04.23 – Karlsruhe, Kulturzentrum Tempel (live)
09.04.23 – Hamburg, Edelfettwerk (live)
01.04.23 – Magdeburg, Insel der Jugend, 3000º Showcase (live)
18.03.23 – Arosa Electronica (CH) (live)
17.03.23 – Arosa Electronica (CH) (live)
04.03.23 – Leipzig, Conne Island (live)
26.02.23 – Davos, Wilde Winterreise (CH) (live)
23.02.23 – Davos, Wilde Winterreise (CH) (live)
10.02.23 – Hamburg, Fundbureau (live)
04.02.23 – Berlin, Ritter Butzke, Stil vor Talent Showcase (live)
28.01.23 – Lübeck, Treibsand, 3000º Showcase (live)
14.01.23 – Lärz, SOS Underground (live)